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The Role Models In Your Organization

November is Role Model Month. This is a great time to identify and think about your organizational role models and the tone they set for the employees around them.

In most organizations, people tend to respond and follow their leaders’ guidance. Leaders will most often set the tone for daily interactions and have a profound impact on who employees look to for answers or direction. If a leader is frequently absent, employees will look to the individual next in line or the employee they see with the greatest influence or clout. This is not to say that everyone blindly follows whoever gets the most “yeses,” or whoever happens to show up for work. But, I use this merely to illustrate these perceived individuals of influence, whether employees with management titles or without, are serving a pseudo role model position in your organization.

(Pause to think)

Now that you’ve had a moment to think about who those individuals may be in your organization, think about others who may be displaying the same behavior and attributes as those individuals you have identified. How might this have affected individual or group behavior of other employees around them? Is it positive or negative? Is it the behavioral norm you have in mind for your organization?

(Another pause to think)

Are you happy with the result and does this sync with your organizational core values?

Information is a powerful tool to help manage your work environment and foster the culture you desire. Consider a confidential employee survey to help identify the top role models in your company and individual work areas. By adding an opportunity for constructive comments, the results will produce meaningful feedback at multiple levels and provide a good overview of the real work environment where your employees live and work every day.

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