"Our company, Sales Recruiters of Virginia, employs Karen Larsen to interview potential sales candidates. We have been using Karen's company and to say that she does a superlative job would be understating the facts. Karen is extremely thorough and professional. She helps us vet sales candidates, gives us a 7 to 10 page dossier on the salespeople and that includes a photograph. She has saved us countless hours and we would be a lesser company without her expertise. Over the years, I have observed that HR people are clueless when it comes to evaluating salespeople. Karen Larsen is anything but that. Because of her many years of experience , we trust her judgment when it comes to vetting our sales candidates. She is a jewel."

Jeff Miller, Principal
Sales Recruiters of Virginia 

"Karen is indispensable to the foundation of my company. She supplies the disciplined behavioral perspective needed to shape and perpetuate our desired culture.”

Jean-Marc (J.M.) Gadoury, JD
Financial Professional, Entrepreneur, & Business Owner

“Karen is a bold leader who can take an organization into the 21st Century. I’ve seen her give processes and procedures new life and vital workplace meaning. She is innovative, fearless and creative!”

Bill Turnage, Operations Manager

“Karen provided sound advice about difficult situations and took the time to advise you about each step you needed to follow in order to resolve them. She was a good sounding board and a reliable partner.”

Louise Seals, Former Newsroom Editor
Richmond Times-Dispatch

“When I was a new manager with direct reports and had employee relation issues, Karen had both the legal answers as to what was allowed, and what could be done. She was willing to discuss issues about staff with me and help me figure out the best solution for both the company and the employee.”

Troy Henshaw, MS, LMHP-E

“Karen is an asset to any organization she associates with. She has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is a leader rather than a follower and her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach.”

Kim Sanders, Director Talent Management
Enterprise Integration

“Working with Karen was a continuous learning process. She is a true visionary Leader that is not afraid to step out of the box.”

Tony Iyoob
Training and Development, Sunoco

“ Karen is an invaluable asset to the Human Resource industry.”

Dorothy M. Moore, LPC, ACS, NCC

“If you are fortunate enough to work with Karen, I can guarantee that you can place all confidence in her resourcefulness, skill, strength, talent, and understanding of any situation.”

Jo St. James, Principal
St. James Agency

Karen is a dedicated leader. She understands business needs and does her best to ensure that her clients have the best support that HR can provide. She is skilled in the art of communication. I would highly recommend Karen to any organization that needs a dynamic Human Resources leader.”

Kristen T. Griffin, Senior HR Consultant Aetna